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Schedule Title
Advertising and Integrated Marketing Services, Group 541

Contract Number
GS-23F-0043N Non Set-Aside

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Contract Period
October 01, 2007 to September 30, 2012

Hamilton & Bond Advertising, Inc.
3003 Foxmoor Drive
Montgomery, IL 60538-4091

ph 630.293.0071
fax 630.293.1410

Business Size
Emerging Small Business

Past Performance Evaluation
Hamilton & Bond Advertising, Inc. received the Top Rating from Open Ratings, Inc. for Advertising Agencies. The company achieved perfect feedback scores (100%) for Reliability, Order Accuracy, Delivery/Timeliness, Quality, and Responsiveness.


1a. Special Item Numbers (SINs) Awarded: Non-Set-Aside

SIN 541-1 Advertising Services
Hamilton & Bond will provide advertising services which promote public awareness and public education through mass media including magazines, newspapers, radio, tv, and direct mail as well as highly targeted media including e-mail, outdoor and point of purchase displays.

Hamilton & Bond can assist with the design and development of dimensional advertising items including countertop displays, balloons, bumper stickers, notebooks, portfolios, jackets, caps, windbreakers, lapel pins, buttons, decals, vehicle wraps, bumper magnets and other advertising services and materials.

Hamilton & Bond will provide direct mail and message delivery services including copywriting, design, recommendations for timing, offer, bounce backs, audience selection, mail list procurement and program logistics. Mass mailing, dimensional 3D or target mailing and e-mail marketing programs are provided. Hamilton & Bond can compile, merge/purge and test mailing lists or concepts.

Related services include compiling, consolidation or purchase of address lists, labeling and addressing services, warehousing/clearinghouse services, assembly and mailing services, application of postage, and order or request fulfillment. Hamilton & Bond can create databases reflecting responses to direct mail promotions and publish those results on a secure password protected network.

Special Expertise for Advertising Services

  • Graphic Identities
  • Audience Targeting
  • Direct Mail Production and List Procurement
  • Print Production
  • Slogan/Theme Line Development
  • Spokesperson/Announcer
  • Copy and Script Writing
  • Non-Paid Message Placements
  • Media Planning and Placement
  • Paid Advertising Negotiation
  • Webcasting
  • Production & Duplication Services
  • Alternative and New Age Media
  • Copywriting and Copy Editing
  • Creative Concept Development
  • Advertising and Ad Materials Production
  • Results Tabulation
  • Pre-Testing
  • Multiple Media Strategies
  • High Impact Dimensional Direct Mail

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Planning 1 hour $122.19
Copywriting 1 hour $122.19
Project Management 1 hour $119.70
Client Consultation 1 hour $119.70
Research Services 1 hour $122.19
Media Planning & Placement 1 hour $122.19
Planning 1 hour $122.19
Media Placement 1 hour $122.19
Design and Layout 1 hour $122.19
Commercial Art 1 hour $122.19
Research - Pre-Test 1 hour $122.19

SIN 541-2 Public Relations Services
Hamilton & Bond will provide customized media and public relations services including the development and measurement of media messages and strategies. Hamilton & Bond can help identify the most relevant media for placement of campaigns including new media such as internet news and information websites, cable TV and satellite only outlets. We will prepare media materials including, but not limited to, background materials, press releases, feature articles, case histories, research reports, media alerts, speeches, presentations, press kits and CD-ROMs or special websites devoted to press relations.

Public relations services may include press conferences, distribution of press materials, scheduling broadcast and print interviews, scheduling telephone conference call press conferences, scheduling and programming special informational telephone recorded message and announcement numbers, and new age media buying services such as instantaneous satellite or internet streaming audio and video.

Hamilton & Bond can review and provide recommendations regarding the internal procedures and materials of agencies seeking to maintain or develop effective media and public relations. Such services might include review of routine and emergency response procedures and assistance and training for agency executives who must or should attend public and media relations events.

Special Expertise for Press And Public Relations Services

  • Press Relations
  • Feature Articles
  • Media Tours
  • Publicity Kits and Press Packets
  • Special Events
  • Rapid Response Packages
  • Executive & Organizational Training
  • Emergency Preparedness Reviews

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Editorial Contact 1 hour $122.19
Copywriting 1 hour $122.19
Project Management 1 hour $122.19
Concept & Planning 1 hour $122.19
Photography 1 hour $122.19


SIN 541-4 A Market Research and Analysis Services
Hamilton & Bond will research and develop strategic communications programs designed to maximize impact and value for agencies with information goals for a specific industry or group of industrial processes, for specific communities or for the general public. Hamilton & Bond will also serve as an independent and professionally recognized third party to review or expand upon existing plans an agency or department may be developing.

Hamilton & Bond market research and media analysis services will identify the optimum cost efficient target audience, establish measurable marketing objectives, determine underlying market dynamics and trends, identify appropriate strategies and recommend tactics to meet achievable objectives.

Market research and analysis may be provided in the performance of these services including compilation of currently available research, conducting new focus group research, web-based internet surveys, printing and distributing paper surveys, telemarketing, individual interviews, compiling, analysis and presentation of results. Web based market research efforts will be conducted with a patent pending survey process and software suite which provides generous and highly graphical demographic analysis.

Special Expertise for Market Research, Media Analysis & Related Services

  • Market & Media Analysis
  • Online Web-Based Surveys
  • Message Pre-Testing
  • Post Message Success Evaluation
  • New Age Media Evaluation
  • Internet Banner Programs
  • Telephone & Mailed Surveys
  • Industrial Media Analysis

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Planning 1 hour $122.19
Research Services 1 hour $122.19
Media Planning/Buying 1 hour $122.19
Client Consultation 1 hour $119.70
Market Analysis 1 hour $122.19

SIN 541-4 B Video/Film Production Services
Video is among the most powerful of all communications media. And now, video on the internet lets you target audiences in ways never before possible. Successful video productions require attention to many, many details; but constant focus on the objective of the video is by far the most important.

Hamilton & Bond offers video productions designed for presentations, for the internet or broadcast television. We can help you budget for and take new location or studio footage. We can also help you revitalize aging videos, convert old film footage to new digital video, or add illustrative graphics to existing footage.

Special Expertise for Video Tape & Film Production Services

  • Videography
  • Video Editing
  • Video Enhancements/Retouching
  • Refresh Old Footage
  • Internet Video – Quicktime, Real Media, WMP
  • Video Packaging
  • Video Animations
  • Video Duplication
  • Video to CD-ROM
  • Video Label & Package Design
  • Video Training & Video Learning
  • Video Scripting

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Photography - One Camera 1 hour $159.60
Studio Rental 1 hour $149.63
Editing Suite - Non-Linear 1 hour $274.31
Project Management 1 hour $122.19
QuickTime Movies 1 hour $122.19

SIN 541-4 C Exhibit Design and Implementation Services
Hamilton & Bond will provide trade show consulting services including assistance in selecting appropriate trade shows for specific audiences and objectives, pre-show promotions including direct mail, and email promotions to boost participation. Hamilton & Bond will also provide design and signage concepts for your exhibit, display or kiosk including internet or multimedia presentations. Hamilton & Bond can provide exhibitor training to maximize value from your investment of time in a show or conference, and follow-up with attendees to help you measure the success or impact of your exhibition.

Hamilton & Bond will assist in planning and organizing special events held at indoor or outdoor locations including private or press events and public conferences and events for target audiences.

Hamilton & Bond will arrange for the construction, transportation and set-up of both large and small exhibits, consistent with facility and local union stipulations. Hamilton & Bond can purchase exhibit materials and floor space for you including signage, exhibit graphics, photographs, and exhibit components including complete free standing exhibits, architectural or engineered exhibits and portable or traveling collapsible exhibits.

Special Expertise for Trade Shows/Exhibits & Conference/Events Planning

  • Exhibit Design
  • Exhibit Graphics
  • Floor Space Planning
  • Venue Selection
  • Pre-Show Attendance Promotion
  • Post-Show Message Follow-Up
  • Objectives Setting
  • Objectives Measurement
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Show Press Conferences
  • Off-Site Events
  • On-Site Events

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Project Management 1 hour $122.19
Planning 1 hour $122.19
Photography 1 hour $122.19
Copywriting 1 hour $122.19
Layout & Design 1 hour $122.19
Venue Analysis/Selection 1 hour $122.19

SIN 541-5 Integrated Marketing Services
Hamilton & Bond has the experience and capabilities to provide a full range of services meeting all the criteria set forth in the FSS Multiple Award Schedule Statement of Work for SIN 541-5. These services include precise market and audience identification, development of communications strategies and media plans, design and production of communications materials.

Hamilton & Bond can develop success measurement criteria and feedback systems designed to provide timely information to support stewardship reports about program results and successes.

Tactics recommended by Hamilton & Bond may include media plans and creative strategies using radio, television, magazines, newspapers, direct mail, vehicle signage, outdoor advertising, internet web sites, intranets, extranets, commercial art/graphic design, photography, trade shows/exhibits and conference and events planning, direct mail, market research, press and public relations, videotape and film production.

Special Expertise for Marketing, Media, & Public Information Services

  • Market Research & Media Analysis
  • Industrial Media Analysis
  • Trade Shows, Exhibits & Events
  • Press & Public Relations
  • Public Education & Outdoor Marketing
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Direct Mail Services
  • Commercial Art & Graphic Design
  • Videotape & Film Production
  • Website Targeting Strategies

Awarded Activity/Service Unit Awarded Price*
Copywriting 1 hour $122.19
Media Planning 1 hour $122.19
Design and Layout 1 hour $122.19
Commercial Art 1 hour $122.19
Editorial Contact 1 hour $122.19
Web Design 1 hour $122.19
Programming 1 hour $122.19

Item 1b Special Item Numbers (SINs) Awarded: Other Direct Costs

*Asterisks in Item 1a Awarded Price identify the lowest unit price to the Government, exclusive of special discount offered for prompt payment.

SIN 541-1000 Other Direct Costs
The following Other Direct Costs were proposed by Hamilton & Bond and accepted as part of this contract award:

Description Not To Exceed**
100% Embroidered Emblems w/PVC backing (2" x 3")
U.S. Flag Emblems – Military
Standard or Reverse Field, full color with either Gold or White border.
Standard or Reverse Field, subdued in either Tan or Olive color.
Price each
Quantity 225 to 2000 $0.45
Quantity 2001 to 5000 $0.43
Quantity 5001 to 10,000 $0.41
Quantity 10,001 to 20.000 $0.39
Quantity 20,001 to 40,000 $0.37
Quantity 40,001 + $0.35
100% Embroidered Emblems w/PVC backing (2" x 3")
U.S. Sergeants Emblems – Military
Subdued or 3 Color (Forest Green, Red, Yellow)
Quantities up to 5,000 $0.56 each
Digital Messaging System – Lobby Information Display 5 units – $58,000.00
Mobile Outdoor Digital Messaging System (LED) 2 units – $6,000.00
Cloissone Pins (Full color 0.5" W x 1.25" D) 1600 qty – $1,881.60
Artwork $1,571.06
Printing $7,204.88
Filmwork/Color Separations $1,084.78
Delivery $164.59
Photography $1,226.93
Purchase Secure Server Software $413.96
Purchase Networking Hardware $2,642.74
Purchase CD-ROM $1,645.88
Purchase Internet Domain Name $135.66
Purchase Photo Prints/Negatives $94.76
Postage/Bulk Mail $39.90
Purchase CD-ROM Labels/Sleeves $33.17
12 Month Point to Point Internet Connectivity Fractional T1 $6,882.75
Register Websites With Search Engines $538.65
Purchase 3rd Party Software $864.08
Video Editing/Video Duplication $1,249.37
Data Entry $939.15
Purchase Shipping Labels/Shipping Label Stock $79.28
Purchase Internet On-Line Banner Advertising $10,783.97
Purchase Advertising Space/Purchase Advertising Time $24,134.51
**Contract for this amount can be modified.

Item 1c

The following commercial job titles, experience, functional responsibility and education for those types of employees or subcontractors who will perform services shall be provided:

Job Title Experience* Functional Responsibility Education
President 34 Years Direct and Manage BA/BS Min
Vice President 22 Years Direct and Manage BA/BS Min
Creative Director 14 Years Direct and Manage BA/BFA Min
Animation Artist 5 Years Digital Animation BA/BFA Min
Retoucher 7 Years Digital Retouching BA/BFA Min
Senior Copywriter 14 Years Copy Concept/Copy BA/BS Min
Photographer 14 Years Digital and Film Photog BA/BFA Min
Senior Designer 14 Years Layout and Design BA/BFA Min
CGI Programmer 11 Years Digital Programming BA/BS Min
Database Programmer 11 Years Digital Programming BA/BS Min
HTML Programmer 10 Years Digital Programming BA/BS Min
Editorial Writer 34 Years Editorial Contact/Writing BA/BS Min
Account Executive 34 Years Account Contact/Planning BA/BS Min
Project Manager 22 Years Project/Cost Management BA/BS Min
Media Buyer 22 Years Purchase Media BA/BS Min
Media Planner 22 Years Plan Optimum Media Buys BA/BS Min
Marketing Manager 34 Years Market Strategy/Tactics BA/BS Min
Market Research Specialist 34 Years Secondary/Primary Research BA/BS Min
*Minimum Experience Required

2. Maximum order

The total dollar value of any order placed under this contract will be $1,000,000 except for requirements exceeding the maximum order according to Clause I-FSS-125 (August 1995). Please note that this amount can be exceeded - this is the point at which GSA recommends that agencies seek additional discounts/concessions.

3. Minimum order


4. Geographic coverage (delivery area)


5. Point(s) of production (city, county, and State or foreign country)

Montgomery, Kane County, IL

6. Discount from list prices or statement of net price

Prices quoted are net prices. Task orders are Firm Fixed price preferred, but Labor Hour Task Orders are acceptable.

7. Quantity discounts


8. Prompt payment terms

4% discount for payment within 20 days from the date of invoice (check, wire, Automated Check Handling, or credit card), offer excludes Other Direct Costs (e.g. outside purchases such as advertising space or time, printing, etc.), however Hamilton & Bond will attempt to negotiate prompt payment discounts from Other Direct Cost vendors to benefit the Government as well.

9a. Government Purchase Card = Micro-Purchase Threshold

Hamilton & Bond agrees to accept Government purchase cards for orders over the minimum $100 order up to the micro-purchase threshold.

9b. Government Purchase Card acceptance above the Micro-Purchase Threshold

Hamilton & Bond agrees to accept Government purchase cards above the micro-purchase threshold of $2,500.00.

10. Foreign items (list items by country of origin)


11a. Time of delivery

Per customer contract terms.

11b. Expedited Delivery

Items available for expedited delivery are noted in this price list.

11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery

Available. Schedule customer may contact Hamilton & Bond for overnight and 2-day delivery rates.

11d. Urgent Requirements

Negotiable. Agencies can also contact the Contractor's representative to effect a faster delivery.

12. F.O.B. point


13a. Ordering address

3003 Foxmoor Drive, Montgomery, IL 60538-4091

13b. Ordering procedures

For supplies and services, the ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs), and a sample BPA can be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule homepage (

14. Payment address

3003 Foxmoor Drive, Montgomery, IL 60538-4091

15. Warranty provision

Not applicable.

16. Export packing charges

Not applicable.

17. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance

Hamilton & Bond agrees to accept the government purchase card for orders over the minimum order threshold up to the micro-purchase threshold of $2,500.00, and beyond the micro-purchase level if the customer desires.

18. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair

Not applicable.

19. Terms and conditions of installation

Not applicable.

20. Terms and conditions of repair parts

Not applicable.

20a. Terms and conditions for any other services

Not applicable.

21. List of service and distribution points

Not applicable.

22. List of participating dealers

Not applicable.

23. Preventive maintenance

Not applicable.

24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes

Not applicable.

24b. Section 508

Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and Information Technology (EIT), however, standards are still developing. More information can be found at the following web address: EIT standards can be found at:

25. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number


26. Notification regarding registration in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database

We maintain a current listing with Central Contractor Registration (CCR), CAGE Code 1WY40