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This form is designed to collect time saving information about your hosting interests. Complete as much as you can and submit, a service representative will be in touch right away! Your Hamilton & Bond hosting account could be up and running in 24 hours or less.

It's that easy!

Contact Information
Zip/Postal Code
E-mail address (current)
Account Information
Domain Name (i.e. ) If you would like to check the availability fo a domain or purchase your domain, use our Domain Name Registration Service.
Domain Status New
If you currently have a domain name registered with InterNIC, select “Transfer.” We will send you the information you need to set your DNS.
Folder Name (i.e. yourname ) This folder is where your website shall reside on our server (no spaces or special characters)
ftp password This will be the password you will use to access your account folder via FTP.
E-Mail Addresses You will be able to manage your own email addresses and passwords remotely using a common internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Safari. Please note our strict policy regarding junk email spam.
Select A Plan Web Hosting
[Plan 1] Basic Value ($99/month)
[Plan 2] Business Class ($299/month)
[Plan 3] Premium ROI ($450/month)

Server Co-Location
[Co-location] Server Co-Location ($199/month)

Dedicated Server
[Dedicated Plan 1] G4 server with WebSTAR 4($350/month)
[Dedicated Plan 2] G4 server with WebSTAR 4/Lasso 3.6/FMP5U ($425/month)
[Dedicated Plan 3] Two G4 servers: WebSTAR 4/Lasso 3.6 on one and FMP5U on another ($599/month)

I'm also interested in
Web Design & Development
Search Engine Management
Business Class Email Management
WebCORE Remote Content Management
Site Edit Pro ($5/month) (Web Hosting Plans only)
Create Your Own Mail List Server ($20/month)
Site Back Up ($10/month)
Desired Billing Cycle 3 months (Billed Quarterly)
12 months (Billed Annually – 8% savings)
Terms & Conditions No
Yes, I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions
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